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Performance Upgrade Kit 1

Performance Upgrade Kit 1

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Upgrade Kit, Norwalk V-belt Drive Kit,

Fits All Models: 270, 275, 280, 290

This kit is designed to replace the clear round belt with a permanent solution. This belt, pulley (and set screw kit) kit is the single biggest improvement that can be made to a Norwalk juicer. Besides lasting years and years. Over time, the V-belt will pay for itself many times over.


  • 6-24 months, Unreinforced Clear Round Belt,  the short-lived, stretchy, and breakable round belt
  • 5-10 years, Fiber Reinforced Gates V-belt

There are two problems with the round belt that is on all Norwalk 270, 275, 280, and 290 juicers: 

  1. They break and stretch.
  2. Once stretched the press pressure goes down and you have wet pulp and wasted produce.

With the V-drive there is no more lost juice in the damp pulp. The fiber-reinforced V-belt in this kit does not stretch (as does the OEM unreinforced round belt). This means that as the belt ages, it does not stretch out. When the round belt stretches it is no longer able to drive the pump at 100% efficiency. The v-belt will remain 95-100% efficient for 5- 10 years. The round belt drops to 75-85% in 3-6 months of daily use.

The kit comes with:
1. Large Lower Pulley, custom-made from billet aluminum
2. Set screw
3. Gates brand V-Belt
Does not come with an upper pulley.
The only Norwalks that ever need the upper pulley are some (not many it's rare) NW 275'. If you have a 275 look at the attached installation instructions and check the belt profile of the upper pulley

Installation instructions,

NW Upgrade Drive Belt Rev1-7

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