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Cutter Sharpening

Cutter Sharpening

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We are currently not offering cutter sharpening but have provided links to a couple of how-to videos.

You'll know your cutter is dull if:

  • If it is harder to feed produce through the cutter,
  • If there is excessive heat build-up,
  • If there is obvious damage: nicks on the cutting edges,

Note: The NW cutter does not need to be razor sharp and will work fine with some nicks and dings; the cutting edge should form a sharp corner. Inspect the edge if more than 50% of the edge is nicked; the cutter requires sharpening. A sharp cutter will pull produce through; a dull one will require it to be pushed through.


SGF is not sharpening Norwalk cutters at this time.
Here are two videos showing how to do it:


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