What We Stand For

We strive to make every Norwalk Juicer perform, look and sound as close to new as possible AND get it delivered without mishap.

We have worked on hundreds of Norwalk’s and know how a correctly functioning Norwalk should perform.

In order to be able to do this work SGF has a large well-equipped machine shop and have made have special tools to properly service the Norwalk juicer.  For instance, we re-calibrate the pressure in the hydraulic system, for maximum juice yield and so the pulp is consistently dry and crumbly but not so high as to fatigue the chassis

Further, SGF stock a full inventory of all the consumable parts: belts bearings, O-rings, etc.  In addition to these, SGF has made many of the harder to find parts so that we able to service almost any Norwalk that comes in the shop.

The first part to wear out on all NW’s is the return spring.  Every Norwalk I sell is now equipped with a GUARANTEED FOR LIFE Chrome steel return spring.  This spring is stronger, has more tension is more durable than the NW spring or any other after-market spring.

The next part to wear out is the round pump drive belt.  If your NW is not performing like it used to and the pulp is wetter than when you first got it; this is a sign of a worn out belt.

SGF works hard to provide the very best re-builds on Norwalk juicers anywhere.  We are not time-bound; we are building to a quality not a price.

To be clear, I have no affiliation with the Norwalk Company, I am an independent sales and service business that provides a 12 warranty with all my juicers.

The below is a list of what I do to every single Norwalk that comes through my shop.  If you are considering a second hand machine ask your seller if they:

  • Checked and Re-calibrate the pressure?
  • Test the safety interlock
  • Polish the piston
  • Replace the return spring?
  • Replace the drive belt?
  • Change the bearings?
  • Replace the motor oil seal?
  • Re-align the motor and balance the cutter?
  • Sharpen the cutter?
  • Wire wheel the inside of the feed housing
  • Re-surface the press plate
  • Polish the housing to full polish
  • Polish the exposed aluminum surfaces?
  • Clean the inside?
  • Replace the O-rings?
  • Replace the hydraulic oil (with the correct fluid)?
  • Replace zinc plates screws with stainless steel?
  • Caulk the food zone?

Do they:

  • Provide a 12 year residential & 2 year commercialwarranty, identical to a new Norwalk Juicer
  • Professionally pack the machine so that it will arrive undamaged
  • And if it does arrived damaged will they file the claim for the damage for you?

The shipping weight is 68lbs in a 18 x 18 x 18 double wall box and ships from 98168

Shipping is included to anywhere in the continental USA

Canada, Alaska, Hawaii & US Territories, contact me for quotation

International, contact me for quotation

Machines ship 2-5 days after payment clears

A note on packing:

Packing a Norwalk is not simple task.  The weight and design of the machine make it challenging to package and it can be easily damaged in shipping.  Unless the machine is properly packed in a factory box or the equivalent there is a high likelihood it will be damaged in transit.


Further thoughts on refurbished (not re-built) juicers:

Lately I have seen more listings they have ‘refurbished’ this or that juicer. Usually that means they changed the consumable parts (see above for the list).

That’s where I started and I think that’s a good start.  But did they do it all AND did they do it correctly?

SGF has  rebuilt over 400 machines and knows what a Norwalk should look and sound like; when it is operating correctly and when it is not.

The more machines were-build the more time we spend on them.  Some of these are being delivered for cancer treatment and for most of us the cost is a huge investment.  Regardless, we don’t want these machines coming back. Besides customer satisfaction we want to know we did it right. To do the above list the average 6-8 hours per machine to properly go through a Norwalk and restore it.

Ask your seller when you are buying a second hand machine:

  • Was all the above work done?
  • Did the person have the tools, skill and experience to do it right?
  • Or are they just boxing up their juicer and shipping it?

Many people with good mechanical aptitude and proper tools can rebuild a Norwalk Juicer.  But the more rebuilds we do and the more difficult problems we see the more I think this is professional level work requiring special knowledge and a lot of experience.


In closing:

SGF wants you to have the best juicing experience you can.  If you are buying used not purchasing from me, buy the least used, newest, shiniest juicer you can.


Warranty, the fine print:

Any model Norwalk I sell is warranted to the original purchaser against defects of material or workmanship for 12 years from date of purchase, when used for personal use only. The above warranty is made with the following exceptions: any model 265, 270, 275, 280 NORWALKS used commercially or institutionally are warranted to the original purchaser against defects of material or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase; no model prior to the 265 is warranted institutionally. This warranty covers only replacement of defective parts and necessary labor on machines or machine parts delivered by the purchaser to the seller. This warranty does not cover loss or damage occurring in transit by a common carrier, accidental breakage, rough handling, or usage for purposes or in manners other than described in Norwalk’s literature and instructions. Neither does it cover damage caused by unauthorized alterations or repair work whether done by the owner or anyone other repair service. Because of their expendable nature this warranty does not cover such items as Drive Belts, the Filter Bags and Cloths or the Wooden Pusher. NORWALKS ARE NEVER SENT OUT ON APPROVAL OR FOR FREE TRIAL OFFERS.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.