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HSHP Ripstop Press Cloth


SGF has done some long-overdue research in the field of Press Cloths & Bags. As a result of this R & D, SGF is pleased to offer our exclusive Low-Stick High-Porosity (LSHP) cloth. This 14.5 x 14.5 laser cut cloth lasts longer, sticks less & flows more juice than the traditional press cloth. These cloths have been so well received that they are now the chef’s material of choice in the Gerson Institute kitchen.

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The HSHP Ripstop Press cloth provides the very best pulp puck release of any cloth anywhere. The material has a crisp and stable feel making folding a pleasure. We just revised the weave making this cloth double the strength of its predecessor. The characteristic of this cloth setting it apart from others is its ability to release all vegetables and fruits (except some citrus) easily and almost completely.

Tips: We suggest you rinse, press out the water, and freeze between use. This, in conjunction with a periodic full wash cycle where the cloths are soaked in one of the recommended cleaning solutions to deep clean the pores of the cloth is the best way to keep the bags and cloths functioning their best during the juicing process. For cleaning, instructions see below.

If you are juicing sticky fruits (oranges) and vegetables (spinach), we recommend you try our PURE Press Cloth Liners.

Quick Clean Guide,

Gerson Protocol,

1. Cold-water, scrub and rinse or, soap, water, and rinse.

2 Soak in a 5-6% hydrogen peroxide solution, repeat as needed

Commercial & Home Protocol,
3. Once a week, soak overnight in a 3/100 part bleach solution and thoroughly rinse

4. Alternately, wash with bleach and soap same as bed linen and other whites

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