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Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Base Plate


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This is by far the nicest aftermarket part I have designed to-date for the Norwalk Juicer. This is the strongest base plate available. Made on a CNC machine and milled to SGF spec from 3/4″ plate aluminum this base is 3.5x stronger than the cast 1/2″ Norwalk base and 2x as strong as the 5/8″ competitor base. Features include: full gutter, weight saving overflow reservoir with drain port. If you are a commercial user or simply have to have the very best this plate is for you. Guaranteed not to fail.

The issue with the Norwalk base is that it is not designed for commercial use. In commercial use NW bases will crack after (50-100,000 cycles) a year or two. When this happens, production is stopped until a new base is installed. This plate is designed with an engineering margin to prevent catastrophic failure.

Full strength SS hardware included as well as the Heavy Duty Lift Kit. Fits: #270, #275, #280
5pc, 8-32 holes must be tapped to install.


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