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About our Rebuilt | Refurbished Norwalk Juicers

Several Gardens Farm is an independent shop, with no affiliation with the Norwalk Juicer Company. We restore & rebuild Norwalk Juicers. The Norwalk Juicer is the only juicer on the market that is built to a standard that makes it worthwhile to service and rebuild. Since the Norwalk warranty is not transferable SGF offers a 12-year warranty on juicers for residential juicers and 2 year warranty for commercial use. This warranty is identical to the original factory warranty.

Several Gardens Farm prides itself on our honesty and the quality of work that we provide. We spend a lot of time on every machine that we go through as we are placing our warranty on it. We want to get it right and not have it come back.

We are very fussy about how a machine works and looks. Mechanically, we test and re-calibrate pressure, check and replace bearings, seals and O-rings. Most Norwalk’s test to the correct pressure but not all; they have been out in the field and may not match factory specifications. Cosmetically, if a panel is dented or scratched we replace it. We also re-polish the cast stainless parts as well as the exposed portions of the aluminum chassis. These machines represent a significant investment on the purchasers part and we like our machines to look as close to new as possible.

There are two standard improvements we make to all NW’s:
V-belt Drive SystemChrome Steel Return Spring. The V-drive maintains pressure indefinitely and the V-belt rarely needs replacement. The factory round belt stretches, lowering pressure and juice yield up to 15%. The V-drive will keeps maintains yield and pressure

The Chrome Steel Return Spring’s job is to lower the press plate to the start position. This is usually the first part to fail in a NW juicer. The result is a slow or incomplete return, The Chrome Spring solves this problem and increases the return speed to 3-4 seconds

All machine ship with a new maple pusher for a start fresh. If you are a Juice Bar we recommend substituting an HDPE pusher.

What comes with an SGF Juicer?
Juicer complete with all parts and a freshly sharpened cutter
Maple or HDPE Pusher
Juicing Grid 7pc set: 2pc #1, 2pc #J; 1pc #2, 1pc #3, 1pc #4

The above set is optimized for juicing and nut butters. Having 2pc of the grids used most used and the nut butter grids is what we recommend.
The factory set is also available.
• Press Cloths, 4pc Traditional (NW style) cloth
• Press Cloths, 4pc LSHP (low-stick high-porosity) cloth
• Instructional DVD and Manual (as available)

In addition to the above we also offer other custom parts on request.

Shipping via UPS anywhere in the continental US is included in the price. Packing is either in a NW factory box or SGF’s 18x18x18 double wall box. Since 90% of all damage to NW’s occur in shipping the importance of proper packing cannot be underestimated.

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