What is your return policy?

If it breaks before 30 days, ship it back at my expense.

If you buy it and decide you don’t want it within 30 days, minus $200 and you pay shipping.

After 30 day, minus 25% of sale price

What's your Warranty?

Residential: 12 Year, Commercial: 2 Year

Any Norwalk Several Gardens Farm’s sells is warranted to the original purchaser against defects of material or workmanship for 12 years from date of purchase, when used for personal use only. The above warranty is made with the following exceptions: any model 265, 270, 275 or 280 NORWALKS used commercially or institutionally are warranted to the original purchaser against defects of material or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase; no model prior to the 265 is warranted institutionally. This warranty covers only replacement of defective parts and necessary labor on machines or machine parts delivered by the purchaser to the sell.

Can I exchange items?

Yes you may exchange within 14 days. The fine print: there will be shipping charges for the return and the outbound shipment, the returned item must be in the original condition or charges will be assessed for the damage.

Juicing Cloths Questions

Bags versus Cloths?

Most people prefer the press cloths because they are easier to use and clean. There are two issues with the press bags; the seam is hard to clean and the seams can burst and cause pulp explosions. Still some people prefer bags over cloths. With bags an entire recipe can be made using 1 bag and there are fewer containers to clean.

What's the best material?

There are two categories: Synthetic and Natural fibers. Nylon and Polyester are the traditional choices, there are also some cotton or hemp products on the market. Some cloths are stronger, flow more material, have less weight gain, clog less frequently. That said as long as it is food safe, doesn’t burst and allows juice flow it can be used.

What's the best size, etc?

The optimum size is from 14 x 14 to 15 x 15, smaller or bigger is less than optimal

Preferably Sealed or Fused Edges — Last longer and are nicer to use.

What the best way to clean, store, etc?

The goal of cleaning is to unplug the pores in the press cloth that allow filtering. The mechanism to do this is to dissolve the organic material that is responsible for the clogging. There are three popular ways to do this:

  • Gerson, H2O2, soak overnight in a 10% solution
  • Alternate, Vinegar, soak overnight in a x% solution
  • For additional deep cleaning repeat or increase the solution strength
  • Rinse in cold water repeat as needed till clean

Use & Storage:

  • Cloths, fold in thirds in both directions, place 1-2 in press loose folds down, press
  • Bag, fold in thirds seam in, place 1-2 in press loose folds down, press
  • Rinse when done, press out the water and freeze

The Major Norwalk Question

Which Norwalk model is the best?

The best NW is a properly functioning 265, 270, 275 or 280.

All NW’s MAKE THE SAME JUICE; HAVE BASICALLY THE SAME PARTS AND OPERATE AT THE SAME PRESSURE. The differences up to the 280 tray and O-ring are mainly cosmetic. Motors and pumps have varied but the spec and performance has remained the same.

I love the 265 but they are getting long in the tooth (1988-1991), the parts group was great, Suntec pump and GE Motor and fit and finish very good.

The 270 uses a Haldex pump and the motor is GE or Baldor.

The 275 is identical to the late 270’s with cosmetic upgrades (rounded corners for easier cleaning).

The 280 uses an import pump and a Marathon motor (GE sold the motor division to Marathon). The Marathon motor is double sealed (like the Baldor), a nice touch. The 280 also has the deep tray which is a plus.

Tips: when buying used: warranty is best; one-owner, new and shiny is better than multiple owner; live testing or purchasing from a reputable seller through a service like PayPal with Buyer Protection is best. Do not wire money to save fees period.

Ship only in a factory box or to UPS Fragile Center Pack standard with full insurance

Questions about Norwalk Juicers

How can I tell if the return spring is worn out?

If, the press plate:

  • Does not return all the way to the bottom
  • Slows down significantly approx. 1” from the bottom
  • These are signs the spring has lost tension or collapsed and can no longer push the press plate down (return).

How can I tell if the round belt is worn out?

If the pulp after pressing is no longer as dry as it was when the machine was new then the belt has stretched out. The round belt used on the 270-280 will stretch out depending on use from 2-12 months. When the belt is stretched the belt can no longer drive the pump to full pressure with a 15% loss in pressure. This results in lower yield efficiency and damper pulp.

How can I tell if the cutter is dull?

You will know your cutter is dull if:

  • If it is harder to feed produce through the cutter,
  • If there is excessive heat build up,
  • If there is obvious damage: nicks on the cutting edges,

Note: The NW cutter does not need to be razor sharp and will work fine with some nicks and dings, the cutting edge should form a sharp corner,. Inspect the edge if more than 50% of the edge is nicked the cutter requires sharpening. A sharp cutter will pull produce through, a dull will require it to be pushed through.

We will sharpen your cutter for you. Look for “Cutter Sharpening” in Accessories & Parts.

Do #280 Press Plates have a casting flaw?

There is no casting flaw in the 280 press plate. The new tray is stronger and stiffer and can exert greater force on the press plate. Some failures are wear and tear and some may be incorrect alignment. The engineers at NW are aware of and working on this issue.

More Questions

Is the #280 O-ring unsanitary?

NW recommends, removing and washing after each use.

Is there an at-home test for pressure?

There is no direct method of testing without special tools but there is a simple test anyone can do. Carrots should yield 50% by weight of juice. 4lb carrots should yield 2lb (1 quart) juice. Use the ‘J’ grid grind and press the pulp into a measuring cup. If the yield is less than 45% the pressure is low.

Is crushing a soda can a valid test of pressure?

All this test proves is that the NW can crush a soda can. Since there is no calibration the test is meaningless. What is the force required to crush 1 soda can; 10lbs, one elephant, my mother in law – no one knows.

How do I tell if I need the Upper Pulley?

There is one model year of 275’s where NW used a pulley with a semi-circular cross section. This rules out all 270’s and 280s. If you have a 275 inspect the upper pulley prior to ordering a v-drive kit.