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Performance Upgrade Kit 1


V-belt Drive Kit #270 – #290,

This belt, pulley and set screw kit is the single biggest improvement that can be made to a Norwalk juicer. Over time it will pay for itself many times over. No more damp pulp and no more lost juice in the damp pulp. The fiber reinforced V-belt in this kit does not stretch (as does the current un-reinforced round belt). This means that as the belt ages it does not stretch. When the round belt stretches it is no longer able to drive the pump at 100% efficiency. The v-belt* will remain 95-100% efficient for 5- 10 years. The round belt drops to 75-85% in 3-6 months of daily use. Guaranteed Forever (except the V-belt).

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NW Upgrade Drive Belt Rev1-7

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This kit upgrades the stock Norwalk drive system. The kit is comprised of two parts, a:
1. Reinforced V-belt and,

2. Aluminum pully with a ‘V’ groove that fits the belt.

Starting with the Norwalk 270, NW switched to a stretchy unreinforced clear urethane belt. The problem with the clear belt is that it is prone to stretching and breaking. When stretched it slips and the pump cannot make full pressure for juice extraction. When it breaks, the press no longer functions.

In older 235-265 Norwalk’s, there was a more robust drive system, based on a miniature V-belt, similar but smaller than what is used in your car to drive the alternator. This retro kit is the same as this earlier more robust drive system. Typically v-bel will last for 10-20 years versus 1-2 years.

Note1, To install this kit you will need a Phillips #2 screwdriver to open the back of the machine and a 1/8″ Allen wrench to remove the old pully and install the new one.
Note2, This kit fits the: 270*, 275**, 280, and 290.

* Some very early 270 already have this drive, if your 270 has an injection-molded plastic Norwalk badge on the front, then inspect the drive and confirm what type of drive belt it has?

** Some (not many) Norwalk 275’s do not have the correct upper pully. To check, inspect the groove on the pully. If it has a ‘V’ profile, the pully is correct and compatible. If it has a square profile a new upper pully is required


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