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Performance Upgrade Kit 1


V-belt Drive Kit #270 – #290,

This belt, pulley and set screw kit is the single biggest improvement that can be made to a Norwalk juicer. Over time it will pay for itself many times over. No more damp pulp and no more lost juice in the damp pulp. The fiber reinforced V-belt in this kit does not stretch (as does the current un-reinforced round belt). This means that as the belt ages it does not stretch. When the round belt stretches it is no longer able to drive the pump at 100% efficiency. The v-belt* will remain 95-100% efficient for 5- 10 years. The round belt drops to 75-85% in 3-6 months of daily use. Guaranteed Forever (except the V-belt).

Installation instructions,

NW Upgrade Drive Belt Rev1-7

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