About Several Gardens

SGF is committed to extend the boundaries of two-stage hydraulic juicing and to provide an independent source for parts and juicing supplies for the Norwalk Juicer. We are an independent company with no affiliation with Norwalk Juicer Company.

In 2011, after juicing for 30 years we set out on a path to be the preeminent rebuilder of NW juicers in the world. SGF’s goal is to restore these fine machines to as close to new as possible. In order to accomplish this an investment was made in the specialized tools and machinery needed to work on vintage, used and new Norwalk Juicers. SGF believes we are now the best independent rebuilder and restorer of the Norwalk Juicer.

The engineers at SGF, part-by-part have developed a full line of replacement parts so we may perform a complete restoration the NW juicing machine. As designers and engineers we were not satisfied with copying the existing components, where possible we wanted to go beyond the state of the art; each time we sat down at the drawing board we did a fault analysis & design exploration of how to best improve the part. All parts are 100% compatible with the existing machines. Discoveries small and large were made to improve the existing state of the art.

SGF now offers the following custom made parts for the existing Norwalk two-stage juicing platform:

  • Ultra Thin Unbreakable Stainless Steel Press Plate – Lifetime Warrantied
  • Improved Yield V-Belt Conversion Kit – Lifetime Warrantied
  • Chrome Steel Return Spring – Lifetime Warrantied
  • Ergonomic & Unbreakable Bronze Valve Handle – Lifetime Warrantied
  • Stainless Steel Grid Tray – Lifetime Warrantied
  • Round & Rectangular stainless steel grids
  • Gerson Institute approved Press Cloths using our exclusive Low-Stick High-Porosity technology
  • As well as many other parts: pushers, grids, bearings, seals, O-rings etc.

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